Welcome to Barista Sanford, a Melbourne-based start-up that offers a unique range of coffee-themed products and Premier League supporter wear. Our company is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, fun products that are perfect for coffee-lovers and sports enthusiasts alike.


Our product range includes T-shirts, coffee mugs, and Premier League supporter wear, each featuring Sanford, the popular character from the coffee table book “Coffee People.” Our T-shirts showcase funny quotes from Sanford, while our coffee mugs feature both an image of Sanford and one of his hilarious quotes. Our Premier League supporter wear is perfect for soccer fans who want to show their support for their favorite team while enjoying their favorite coffee.


At Barista Sanford, we understand the importance of offering unique, high-quality products. As a start-up, we are committed to rapidly increasing our product range over the coming months to offer our customers even more exciting options.


We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and work hard to ensure that our products are shipped promptly and arrive in pristine condition. With our partners worldwide, we are able to sell our products to customers all around the world.


Thank you for choosing Barista Sanford as your go-to destination for coffee-themed products and Premier League supporter wear. We are excited to continue expanding our product range and providing our customers with fun and functional products that they will love.

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